Chairman Xi pay a lot attention to the course of  integration of civilian-military,Faroad luckily be the member of it.Click here for more details

On March 28th, the high-level forum of the Development Association regarding the Integration of Civilian-Military convoked at Shenzhen Civil Center, which is sponsored by Shenzhen Science and Technology Association as well as presented by Guangdong province Business Federation and the Development Association regarding the Integration of Civilian-Military. The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the experts of researching civilian-military integration development came together to communicate with more than 500 civilian-military enterprises. Shenzhen Faroad attended the forum meeting as the execution company of the Civilian-Military Development Association .

The forum began with the welcome address delivered by Jiang Yuyang who is the chairman of Shenzhen Science and Technology Association. He said that Shenzhen is the forefront of reform and development where has been attracting a large number of enterprises to enter the field of weapons research, production and maintenance, which infuses into new blood into the economic and social development.

In the high-level forum, many experts delivered speeches, such as Mr. Wu who is the general designer of Chinese Lunar Exploration Program and the Academician of Chinese Engineering Academy, Mr. Ding who is the former director of Equipment Development Department of People’s Republic of China Central Military Commission and the chief editor named Mr. Yao engaging in the periodical office called “military industry culture”.

After the conclusion of the meeting, Shenzhen Faroad won the title of leading enterprise for civilian-military integration innovation.