Same Performance As FUJI NXT & YAMAHA YSM20

Basic Info

Model: CPM-H3
Type: High-Speed
Spindle Qty: 10+10 / 4+4
Feeder Qty: 100
Placement Speed: 82,000 CPH
Applicable Component:
0201~45mm IC (0.35mm Lead Pitch)

Manufacturing Ability

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The CPM-H3 model is the high-end model with two gantry system relaesed from the year of 2022. Modular design as the FUJI nxt, and the performance after the IPC testing got the same result as the YAMAHA YSM20. If you looking for the lower productivity, the CPM-F3 could be one other options for you which compared with YAMAHA YSM10 model.

Working Video


General Description

Head configuration – Highspeed & Practical

Feeder & Tray configuration

High End Hardware

Software System

Application Range

H3 Specification

Machine Diagram

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