Faroad CPM-II CPM-III make a big influence in Shanghai Electronica 2017 . Click here for more details

The three days electronics China 2017 ended at 16th. As the leading trade platform for electronic components and systems in the Asian-Pacific region, the electronics China 2017 not only attracted much media attentions but also appealed thousands of famous enterprises. Being a frequenter of electronics Munich, Faroad appeared on the electronics China 2017 with our products of CPM-II and CPM-III.

The Faroad pick-and-place machine is the new-style advanced-intelligent domestic pick-and-place machine which was independently researched and developed by Shenzhen Faroad after bringing in the advanced technology and hard-working for many years, it attracted many visitors with the its features of “high-speed, precision and stabilization”. The exhibition of pick-and-place machine caused the attention of media too, furthermore, some media had an interview with Faroad and published related reports later.

The clients came successively to consult Faroad pick-and-place machine, and our staffs always communicated with the them with enthusiasm and patience. Furthermore, the platform also attracted many domestic and international well-known enterprises and dealers to have negotiations with us.

The electronics China 2017 ended in success. We herein greatly appreciate those people who give us powerful supports, it is your encouragement that make us confident to take every step. We also look forward to the exhibition of Shanghai Nepcon in April.