The Corporation of Faroad intelligent equipment was established in ShenZhen in 2006, which is one of the primary manufacturers engaging in the assembly industry with respect to the electronic equipment in China. Furthermore, it is a pioneer, practitioner, plus leader in the field of advanced-intelligent pick-and-place machine.

Besides, the main import and export trade of Faroad are high-precision placement equipments as well as the peripherals, whilst it owns the capacity of self-research and manufacturing. Additionally, Faroad is a national high-tech enterprise as a consequence of numberous possessions of invention and utility patents, so whose featured pick-and-place machines within the brand of Faroad, CPM-II, CPM-II T and CPM-III, are all produced by itself. As to the peripheral, it includes Loader, Unloader, Semi-auto Solder Paste Printer, Buffor conveyor, Reflow oven etc.

Moreover, the turnover of Faroad approximately reach to 5 hundred million CNY per year and whose majority of clients are distributed in the region of Asia, Africa, Europe. The objective of Faroad is to become the initial enterprise mastering the operation principle of 4S in the domain of SMT, which respectively means a reasonable-scientific sale, a superior supply for the original accessories, a high-efficiency after service, as well as a effective-accuracy survey.

At last, the corporation of Faroad employs nearly 200 employees, 87 of them are maintenance engineers for the import pick-and-place machine, and other 32 engineers are responsible for developing the domestic pick-and-place machine. Currently, all of staffs are endeavoring to march towards the industry 4.0 so that the goal regarding Made in China 2025 will be fulfilled.

No matter how long the journey is, a start will bring an arrival.

No matter how tough the work is, an implementation will bring a success.

Xiaorong Jia • President

Meet Our Team

Ambition & Determination & Inspiration & Creation & Conclusion

Xiaorong Jia
Xiaorong JiaPresident & Founder
Faroad never produce low quality equipment because it wastes time. Hence, we only show the best for our dear clients.
In the future, the direction of our development aims at manufacturing the high intelligent SMT equipment, fulfilling the goal of MADE-IN-CHINA 2025 .
Banghe Yang
Banghe YangBusiness Director
As a sales director who owns over ten years technical engineer experience, I deeply know the importance of product quality, so I am full of confidence in our machine.
Xiaoliang Jia
Xiaoliang JiaProduction Director
On the purpose of establishing the wholesome supply chain, each part to assembly our Pick & Place machine under the strict inspection. We hold the belief that carefulness makes the success!
Fajun Bu
Fajun BuProcurement Director
Every step of production should be strictly enforced due to high assembly accuracy the Pick and Place machine must need. Only increasing attention paid to products, then customers would get the satisfied usage experience.
Hongbang Yang
Hongbang YangR&D Director
As to the pursuit of perfection, We will never meet the status quo.
Even though for 1 micron accuracy enhancement, we are willing to do the countless Modelling, Programming, Coding, Optimizing…
Yuehui Huang (James)
Yuehui Huang (James)Overseas Director
We are aware of our market segmentation clearly, by following this direction, the countless effort paid us aims at establishing one-station service from the stage of awareness to after-purchase, eliminating our overseas clients worries mostly caused by unfamiliar and the geographical distance to the great extent.

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“In China, no company but Faroad owing the capacity of designing the high-end intelligent Pick-and-Place Machine. Their company culture, regulation, and independent R&D also make me an unforgettable impression, thanks for their entertainments”

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